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Die and Let Live (2006)

Die and Let Live


Die and Let Live is a classic independent zombie comedy distributed by Heretic Films.  Although it's obvious in the first minute of the film that this was not a Hollywood movie with any kind of real money, it was clearly made by people who are movie fans.  From checking out the credits, you'll see that Justin Channell and Zane Crosby do pretty much everything.  Sure, a lot of the cast couldn't act and the budget was nonexistent, but there was a lot of gore and several of the jokes actually made me laugh out loud (from watching numerous no-budget movies, I can tell you that humor is a lot tougher to pull off than gore!)  This film combined a zombie outbreak with a teenage weekend party and included some great characters to pull it all together.  There was even a cameo by schlock, no-budget, Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman as a news reporter. 

The basic story here is two guys throw a party so that one of the guys can hook up with his dream girl.  Meanwhile, an outbreak at the local testing facility has led to a zombie infestation that is consuming the area.  As the party gets going, the zombies invade.  There is no shortage of blood in this film, but the cast is made up mainly of teens, so there's no nudity.  A couple of the actors deliver nice performances, but the cast seems to be mainly friends from the neighborhood which means a lot of the acting could have been better.  On the other hand, as zombies, they do a fine job!  There is also a surprising amount of good music in this movie; not just acceptable music, but actually good, well written and professionally recorded music (The Planet Smashers in particular have several great ska songs featured).  Overall, if you enjoy the zombie comedy genre and can look past a lack of a budget, this movie really is worth watching!

Gore-o-meter rating: 4 out of 5 (Oh yeah, there's gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 0 out of 5 (The only skin in this film is a guy's large, pale ass)