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FrightWorld (2008)



FrightWorld (RedScream Films) has plenty of blood and gore to satisfy any splatter fan. There is more blood and gore in the first ten minutes of this movie than most movies have in their entire running time. There are a few boobs and thongs, but there could have been more skin. The film quality throughout was much better than the average no-budget film. The lighting was impressive in the intro and added a lot to the artistic look. There were plenty of cool shots. Some of the dialog audio was muffled and difficult to understand for a short time after the opening credits, but it got clearer as the film went on. Even though it probably had a smaller budget, Fright World was as good as a lot of cable B-movies that Iíve seen.

The basic story is about a group of people who are mostly Goths previewing a haunted house inside a warehouse while a psycho killer who may have magical powers is brutally murdering them one by one. The acting is surprisingly good. The directing isnít bad. The dialog isnít very impressive, but hey, itís a splatter movie. If you want Shakespeare, youíre on the wrong website!

My two biggest problems with the movie were the stylistic shift about twenty minutes into the film and the filmís length. Imagine someone deciding to make a DVD of techno and goth music videos. About twenty minutes into the project, they realize that they donít have enough videos to fill a DVD, so they decided to fill the rest of the space with a splatter movie. Watching that DVD would probably be a lot like watching FrightWorld. Artistically, there are a lot of very cool visuals during the first twenty minutes, but then there is a major style shift that makes the movie feel fragmented. The stylish, gory, blood-soaked and artistic introduction sequence gives the back-storyÖsort of. This intro, the opening credits that follow, and even the lettering are presented like a music video in the style of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Tool or Rob Zombie. The music, which was ok, sounded heavily influenced by the same bands. Then about twenty minutes into the movie, you have a whole set of new characters and the entire style changes from that of a music video to your standard dark B-movie. Neither style is bad, but the shift from one to the other makes you feel like you changed the channel. After the change, you have another ten minutes or so of build up before anything happens. Then the movie really picks up and settles into a solid story for a while; chainsaws, blood, gore, boobs, screaming, running, etc. Unfortunately, the final scene drags out for about ten minutes of dialog. Although the does tie things together with the beginning, it felt like too much talking. Youíve already seen just about everyone die and the climax is over. I think if the filmmakers had an outside editor, they probably could have cut a good size chunk out of the movie and it would have flowed a lot better.

Overall, FrightWorld was a pretty good movie. If youíre looking for blood and gore, youíll find plenty of it here.

Gore-o-meter rating: 5 out of 5 (Plenty of gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 2 out of 5 (Some boobs and thongs, but there could have been more skin)