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The Blood Shed (2006)

The Blood Shed


If John Waters had decided to make a no-budget slasher movie back in the early 1980s, it might look something like The Blood Shed.   Heretic Films delivers another horror comedy that stands out from the majority of films in the genre by combining psychotically silly characters and colorful imagery with a script that takes a couple of unexpected turns.  The budget was clearly not in the millions, but most of the acting was actually pretty good for this kind of movie and it was filmed relatively well considering it is truly an independent film.  Although I would not recommend this movie to people who don't enjoy no-budget movies, I would recommend it to fans of Troma-style horror comedy.

The story is about an inbred family of kooky cannibal rednecks who just can't seem to get along with their suburban neighbors.  Murder, torture and poor social skills are simply part of their daily life.  
Allan Rowe Kelly takes on the triple role of writer, director and actor playing the part of the psychotic adult child Beefteena Bullion who, like many young girls, just wants to be a beautiful supermodel.  Although he has achieved a certain amount of fame as the best overweight transvestite you could get to star in your indi horror film, his role as the intentionally insanely annoying Beefteena is really his first that seems to give good reason to compare him to the late actor / actress Divine.  The characters that make up the Bullion family are not intended to be people you can relate to and on that level, the film definitely succeeds.  Throughout the entire film, you feel somewhat uneasy peering into the life of this creepy clan.  You can, however, relate somewhat to the uneasy feeling shared by all of the 'normal' people who come in contact with the Bullion family, even though some of those characters would seem crazy in the context of another film.  Although the production quality is below the level of most indi films that you could buy at standard retail stores, the film is put together better than most no-budget, online-only releases.  If you can enjoy a film with no-budget production quality and you like creepy, horror comedies, I would recommend that you give The Blood Shed a chance.

Gore-o-meter rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Pretty good amount of blood and gore)

Skin-o-meter: 0 out of 5 (No skin here)