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The Night They Returned (2004)

The Night
They Returned

Canadian film maker SV Bell delivers quite a treat with this first feature film, The Night They Returned.  You'll find hot cannibal babes, telekinesis, corpses and plenty of gore in this classically campy horror flick.  For those of you who are familiar with the independent horror genre, you'll most likely recognize some of the actresses in the film.  The Night They Returned stars a trio of lovely scream queens; Melantha Blackthorne, Suzi Lorraine and Liz Faure playing three psychotic sisters who certainly aren't the girls from The Brady Bunch!  If you find out their family secret, you'll most likely take it with you to the grave!  Fans of low-budget camp with plenty of babes and gore will likely find that The Night They Returned is worth checking out.

The basic plot revolves around a rather unusual family with some strange habits.  From their cabin in the woods, two sexy sisters lure unsuspecting male victims into their world of cannibalism while a third sister is chained up, unable to stop her siblings from playing their bizarre games.  The bound sister suffers through a telepathic connection with each victim and begs her dominant sisters to end their twisted, torturous games, but they refuse to listen.  When they are through with their feast, the leftover body parts of the victims are dumped into a nearby swamp which, unknown to the sisters, is polluted with chemical waste.  This vile concoction of chemicals and cadavers creates a mutant monster hell bent on revenge.  Will the monster kill these viciously psychotic beauties or have their years of killing taught them all they need to know to destroy this rotting beast?

Considering the small budget, some of the props and effects are amazingly realistic!  The production is above average for no budget films and if you're looking for gore, this film really satisfies!  However, there isn't as much skin as you might expect.  The ladies in the film do remain clothed throughout the duration of the movie.  Overall, The Night They Returned is not bad at all for writer / director SV Bell's first foray into feature films!   For more information, check out the SVBI website here:


Gore-o-meter rating: 4 out of 5 There's a good bit of gory fun in this film!

Skin-o-meter: 0.5 out of 5 (There's not nudity, but there are some hot babes who almost take it off)