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Backwoods Bloodbath - Curse of the Black Hodag (2007)



Backwoods Bloodbath is one of the better independent horror films that I have had the pleasure of reviewing here at Film Apocalypse.  Writer / Director Donn Kennedy manages to deliver a great mix of gore and blood with impressively high video quality for a film that is clearly a very low budget job.  Plus, the pacing works well throughout the entire 90 minutes of the film; an achievement not often seen in this kind of movie.  The acting could have been better.  However, I've seen a lot worse and it looks like the actors here were all relatively new to film.  Overall, Backwoods Bloodbath is actually quite an enjoyable movie. 

The basic story is about the reunion of six friends who haven't seen each other since high school.  The group gets together for a weekend away from the city following the funeral of friend.  Meanwhile, an ancient, unstoppable killing monster is feeding on the locals of the small town where they have decided to vacation.  The story may not be anything groundbreaking, but it is at least interesting enough to keep the movie moving.  Also, there is an unexpected twist at the end that I didn't see coming.

Backwoods Bloodbath includes lots of gore, lots of beer, lots of local rednecks and several hot chicks running around in their panties.  The first scene has both a hottie in her underwear and two gory killings followed by some very cool graphics in the opening credits.  There is enough blood and gore in this movie to satisfy most gore fans.  The quality of the gore isn't bad either.  There are so many ripped up bodies that I can't remember the exact number, but there are plenty.  The monster that the locals refer to as The Black Hodag actually looks relatively cool and actor Seth Chilsen did a good job playing the part.  Although the ladies in the movie are all very attractive, there could have been more skin.  The couple of topless scenes that were included made me wonder why there was no nudity in several other specific scenes that seemed odd without it (what's the point in a random shower scene shot from the shoulders up?)

For a film on this scale, the video quality is better than I expected it to be.  The editing is good for the most part and the cinematography is better than average.  The music is also better than average for a film of this kind, but the audio for the dialog is inconsistent throughout the film.  I wouldn't put this movie in the same category as a big budget film or even a made for TV Movie, but for a no budget to low budget, independently made movie, they did a good job of putting together a cool film that's actually worth watching.  If you like truly indi horror movies, give Backwoods Bloodbath a shot.

Gore-o-meter rating: 4 out of 5
(There was a LOT of gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 2 out of 5 (There could have been more, but there were a few topless scenes)