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Come Get Some More! (2007)

Come Get
Some More

I reviewed the movie Come Get Some  a couple of years ago and I loved it.  I had heard that writer & actor Steven A. Grainger was working on the sequel at the time, but there was no estimate on when it would be released.   Well, it's finally finished!  I just had an opportunity to check out a screener of Come Get Some More; the black and white, low budget flick
by Fatal Susi Productions, and it is great!  Grainger wrote, directed and stars in this very cool sequel which features more action, more skin, more fight scenes and more craziness.  In addition to more of what we saw in the original Come Get Some, they also threw in some actors with big names in independent film world such as Lloyd Kaufman (of Troma Entertainment), Debbie Rochon, Lilith Stabs and April Wade.  There are also several actors who appear to have a good amount of martial arts experience, so in addition to all of the standard zombie slaying in the first film, Come Get Some More is full of zombie karate fighting!

The story is a continuation of the first film and again follows a bumbling zombie-killing ex- government agent who teams up with several ass kicking chicks to once again take out zombies.  I don't know that the focus of Come Get Some More is as much on hot chicks in cool costumes this time as finding people who really could fight, so the emphasis has shifted somewhat, but if you like a good fight scene, there's plenty of them here.  The intro scene is awesome; even better than the one in Come Get Some.   There is humor in Come Get Some More, but not quite as much as in the first film.  Although the new film does have a scene with a zombie chick biting off a guy's dick.  That's just funny every time!  The characters didn't have as much personality in the sequel as in the first film and that is really the main element that I feel isn't as strong.  The soundtrack is provided mostly by three bands; The Jack Saints, Like No Tomorrow and Fat Tortoise Butcher.  With a combined contribution of almost 20 songs, there's plenty of low budget punk and metal to go with this low budget zombie flick.

Hopefully Come Get Some More will fare better with distribution than Come Get Some (which apparently suffered from numerous distribution problems) and hopefully the new film will increase awareness of the original too.  If you like movies with zombies, naked chicks, karate and punk & metal music, check out Come Get Some More!

Gore-o-meter rating: 5 out of 5 (As good as it gets for black and white gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 2 out of 5 (There's more skin than in the first one)