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Virgin Pockets (2007)

Virgin Pockets


Virgin Pockets is without a doubt the best pool hustling movie I've seen in years!  That's mostly because it's the only pool hustling movie I've seen in years.  Filmed in five months with a budget of $3,000, Virgin Pockets is the second film I've reviewed by GMD Films.   The first one was the film Fury.   Both films were created by the team of producer Paul Gorman and actress Marie Madison (who plays expert pool player Elizabeth in Virgin Pockets).  Although the latest film is still not perfect, the overall production, acting, editing and music for Virgin Pockets is better than on Fury.  The camera still shakes too much and Marie still has a tendency to rush her dialog, but she's getting better.  Costar Chexy Grace, who plays the novice pool shark and student of Elizabeth, did a surprisingly good job of acting for her first film role.  Jeremy Krukowski, the main supporting actor, seemed very comfortable with his performance as the girls' manager and did a fine job throughout the film.   The remaining cast delivered performances with a varying degree of skill ranging from relatively good to pretty bad.  Fortunately, the actual pool playing (which takes up a good bit of screen time) is done very well.  It's clear that the actors really could play pool.

The audio is inconsistent, particularly when it comes to dialog, but it's not as bad as it was in Fury.  The music is actually quite a bit better and there was a LOT of music.  Virgin Pockets was proudly filmed in Erie, PA with the help of many locals including numerous bands.  The recording quality of the music varied, but most of it was relatively good for a bunch of local bands.  

The story is pretty simple: Grace, a sexy, young pool shark gets her ass kicked in a game of pool by Elizabeth, a more experienced pool expert.  Grace then begs Elizabeth to teach her everything about pool.  Along with their manager, they hit all the local pool halls in town and rake in the money.  Eventually, a sponsor tempts Grace into selling out (or is that "buying in"?) which drives a wedge between her and Elizabeth.  Tension mounts as the two duke it out in a nationally televised tournament to see if the student has surpassed the teacher.

Although the story isn't bad, the fact is most of the film is made up of shots of hot chicks playing pool against dorky guys with the music of local Erie, PA bands playing in the background.  It's probably safe to say that whether or not you will enjoy this movie really depends a lot on whether or not you enjoy watching hot chicks play pool.  If you like to watch hot chicks playing pool, then check out Virgin Pockets.

Gore-o-meter rating: 0 out of 5 (no gore)

Skin-o-meter: 0 out of 5 (no nudity)