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Calabrese: The Traveling Vampire Show (2007)

The Traveling
Vampire Show


There are a lot of bands out there that sound like they wish they were The Misfits, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Misfits wish they were Calabrese! I had heard Calabrese's music in the movie Chainsaw Sally.  I'd seen their posters and killer artwork which is undoubtedly some of the best in the genre.  When I saw their video for Voices of the Dead I thought that it was simply fucking awesome.  It is the coolest video I've seen in years and the song was great, but lots of bands have one great song.  That doesn't mean that it's worth picking up their album.  Well, Calabrese doesn't just have one great song, they have an entire album of phenomenal songs.  The Traveling Vampire Show totally kicked my ass!  This is the best album I've heard in a long time and I've probably listened to it a hundred times since it arrived last month.  Not only do Bobby, Jimmy and Davey Calabrese write about cool stuff like zombies, ghosts and vampires, but each song has it's own vibe (unlike many horror punk bands whose songs all sound the same).  The recording quality is better than most similar bands on major record labels.  I don't know that it's even fair to use the term 'similar bands,' as Calabrese is in a league of their own.  My only complaint about this 12 song album is that it isn't longer because I want more!  Calabrese really is the World's Greatest Horror Rock Band!  It's very simple: go to the Calabrese website and buy this album immediately!  If you don't believe that Calabrese is as awesome as I'm saying, just click here to check out their video for Voices of the Dead on YouTube.