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For a Few Marbles More (Voor Een Paar Knikkers Meer) (2006)

For a Few
Marbles More


The best quality independent films that are sent in to Film Apocalypse are often film shorts.  Many full length films seem to add a lot of content that really isn't necessary just to make the film long enough to be considered feature length.  It sometimes feels like the filmmakers are more concerned with the total running time than each individual shot.  I think there are a lot of films out there that could benefit greatly from tighter editing.  However, with short films, it seems easier to make every shot count.  A story can be told with only the shots needed to tell the story when the filmmaker isn't worried about running time.  For a Few Marbles More, a short film sent in from The Netherlands, is a great example of what can be done with a short film.  It is definitely one of the most amazing independent productions that I have ever seen!  From the opening credits animation to each beautifully shot frame, this film is simply incredible.  

The story follows four children who play marbles at the neighborhood playground.  When two mean adults come to drink beer, they make the children leave telling them that it is their playground.  The children each return to their respective homes only to be met with apathy from their parents.  Their last hope is to enlist the assistance of the neighborhood tough kid.  Unfortunately, the only way to get his help is to offer him their treasured marbles.  The children decide that reclaiming their playground is well worth the cost, so they make their payment and meet the tough kid in an abandoned building to hear his plan.  The plan turns out to be attacking the adults with urine filled super soakers.  In a conclusion that's sure to bring a smile to your face, the four children (under the direction of the tough kid) return to the playground and attack the beer drinking adults with their piss guns.

Written and Directed by Jelmar Hufen, For a Few Marbles More is truly an impressive film.  At the time of this writing, the film has been selected for over 150 film festivals and won more than 25 prizes and awards.  After seeing the film, this is really no surprise.  Everything about the film is done 100% beautifully.  Even the children's acting is super, which makes me think that Hufen must be a great director!  I can't think of a single improvement that could be made to this film and I look forward to seeing more from this director!  

Gore-o-meter rating: 0 out of 5
(no gore)

Skin-o-meter: 0 out of 5 (no skin)