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Nobody Loves Alice (2007)

Nobody Loves Alice


Nobody Loves Alice may not really be as much of a horror film as I had expected, but it's still a very good movie!  It really came across as more of a dramatic film with a few scenes of blood, gore and violence rather than a horror or slasher film.  Much of the gore was implied and not actually shown, but the parts that was shown were done extremely well.  There wasn't much on-screen violence either (although there was some). Surprisingly, there was no nudity at all in the film, even though there were quite a few scenes where you would expect it.  On the other hand, this certainly isn't a movie for children!  There is enough mature content, violence and gore that I would think the film probably would receive an 'R' rating if it were to be rated.

What writer / director Roger A. Scheck delivers with Nobody Loves Alice is a story that flows well, but doesn't take many unexpected turns.  The plot of the film revolves around Alice, a young woman who feels like no one loves her (you may have already picked up on that with a title like "Nobody Loves Alice") and the way she gets her men (you may have already picked up on that by the cover photo).  But the other part of the story, the part that you would not know by looking at the DVD case, deals with the tormented girlfriend of Alice's latest crush who faces the pain of not know what happened when her boyfriend mysteriously disappears.  The quality of the filming was better than average for a film of this kind and the audio was much better than I would have expected.  

Although not all of the acting was all that great, actress Nitzan Mager was no less than amazing as Alice!  I have seen similar characters attempted in independent movies before and usually the characters come across as silly, but in this film, Mager does an excellent job of really capturing the character she is playing and delivering a convincing performance.  In fact, I would say her performance was the best part of the film.  Although there are better movies out there with similar stories, there are even more movies out there with similar stories that are much, much worse.  If you like this kind of movie and don't mind that there was no nudity and not as much gore as there could have been, I would recommend checking out Nobody Loves Alice on the strength of Nitzan Mager's performance alone!

Gore-o-meter rating: 3 out of 5
(Not much quantity but the quality of the gore is great!)

Skin-o-meter: 0 out of 5 (There easily could have been nudity, but there wasn't any)