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Interview with Katie Russell                                                 January 1, 2009

Katie Russell is a model and actress who has been featured in several independent horror films in the last few years including Curse of the Wolf, House of Bedlam, Stockholm Syndrome and Chasing Darkness. You can find out more about Katieís current projects on her myspace page at myspace.com/modelactresskatie or on her website at katierussell.com


Stockholm Syndrome

House of Bedlam

Chasing Darkness

Film Apocalypse recently had the pleasure of interviewing Katie for the site.  Here's what she had to say:

FA: What first got you involved with acting?

KR: I guess I could say my first grade teacher when I played a rat in The Pied Piper of Hamelin, but that was years ago. My mom enrolled me in a modeling school and they had a couple acting courses and that actually got my attention. soon after that, it led to a local commercial for a bar wearing a very skimpy Coors 
Light dress, to a national reality show, to my first feature indie horror film. 

FA: Iíve noticed that most of the films youíve been involved with were shot in Pennsylvania. Have your film roles led to other interesting projects or film offers outside of the people who youíve worked with in PA?

I have actually spoken with a few casting directors outside of PA in regards to opportunities but at the time I was committed to other projects. I'm definitely willing to step outside PA and see where it takes me. I also love working with new directors, cast and crew.

FA: It looks like it would be a lot of fun to make horror films! Are there any funny, bizarre or interesting stories that you can tell about the making of any of your movies?

KR: where do I start? There are so many to tell. Something crazy always happens on set. Like on the set of House of Bedlam, we filmed at this what one would call a house and every time we filmed there, it got really windy. Yes, we were in Erie filming but we were also a good distance away from lake Erie. I honestly think it was the guy who lived there and died and his spirit was chasing us out. But there were tons of interesting things there such as old alcoholic beverages and we're not talking beer or some fancy drink. There was moonshine and all different kinds of brandy. And no, I didn't taste any of it especially after someone did take a swig and puked. On the set of Stockholm Syndrome we filmed at a boy scout camp in the middle of nowhere and they had these journal type books in each cabin. So Jason senor and I decided to add to the journal. Of course we didn't talk about the movie at all but made up some crazy story that involved eating wild mushrooms, searching for a hidden treasure, coming upon yeti, etc. It was definitely a good time. As for Chasing Darkness, we were filming the grave yard scene and I was told that I had to drive to set while in full vampire make-up. Thank God for tinted windows! 

FA: Speaking of the vampire make-up in Chasing Darkness, how long did it take to put that on?

KR: haha...forever! Well it seemed like forever. Actually it took about 2 1/2 hours. Now we're talking white contacts in my eyes, fangs (and let me tell you that Fixodent/Polygrip is gross), and all the make-up. lets talk about how long it took to take off......

FA: Do you have as much fun making these movies as it seems or have there been difficulties behind the camera that sometimes make filmmaking a chore? 

Oh no. I have a blast each time I'm on set filming! If there are difficulties behind the camera, I'm immune to it and don't know anything about it. I have always said that the second I look at filming or even modeling as a chore its time to put it to rest, and I don't see that happening anytime soon!

FA: Of the roles youíve played, which was your favorite?

KR: Definitely Abby in House of Bedlam. Then again I enjoyed playing Ciarra in Chasing Darkness. Both characters were very determined, don't take no shit from anyone type of girls......pretty much like me!

FA: Who are some of the people in the business that you have enjoyed working with the most?

KR: Wow that's a hard one. I enjoyed working with everyone that I've had the opportunity to work with. I've developed great relationships with all of them, but I'd have to say if I had to pick just one, it'd be Ryan Cavalline. Ryan gives great direction and knows what he wants and will continue re-shooting the scene 
until its how he wants it. the role in Stockholm Syndrome challenged me in so many ways. That role has made me into a much better actress than what I was. I'm very honored to be able to work with Ryan again next month in another chilling creation of his; Killing Fields.

FA: Are there any actors, actresses or directors in particular that you haven't worked with but would want to work with if you had the opportunity?

KR: Jason Mewes or Robert Dinero for actors...as for directors Kevin Smith.

FA: What is the best thing about being an actress and what is the worst thing about being an actress?

KR: I can't think of anything bad besides my life is very much always on a time schedule. Like I know what time I have to be in make-up, or on set. I kinda like having that type of life. it helps me to organize a bit better.

FA: If any of the horror fans out there wanted to see your movies, where could they look to find them?

KR: www.gmdfilms.com or my website: www.katierussell.com

FA: Iíve seen that you sometimes make personal appearances at film festivals and conventions. Do you enjoy these? How often do you do these kinds appearances? 

KR: I absolutely love making appearances at festivals/conventions. This year I'm trying to make it to as many as I can.

FA: Outside of acting, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?

KR: I love baseball...well the New York Yankees. So I'm all about baseball season! I also am into going to the gym, traveling, spending time with my dog, and of course my friends.

FA: If you were going to a Halloween party next year, what would be your ideal costume? 

KR: Halloween is my favorite holiday, so every year I go all out! As for this upcoming Halloween, maybe something that'll show more skin unlike last year...I went as Amy Whinehouse. I'm really not sure what I'll go as this year...maybe a stripper.

FA: What does the future hold for Katie Russell? 

KR: Ya know I wish I had the powers to know that, but who knows. I'm all about going with the flow, but I do hope for great things in the entertainment industry!

FA: Since I run a horror movie review website, Iím obviously a big fan of horror movies. For my final question, Iíd like to ask what are some of your favorite Horror movies? 

KR: Candyman, Wrong Turn, The Birds, The Shining, Amityville, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Stockholm Syndrome

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! I wish you the best of luck with your future projects!

KR: Thanks Steve!