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Interview with Michale Graves                                             January 1, 2009

Michale Graves

Michale Graves first hit the public consciousness as the lead vocalist of The Misfits for their reunion tour in 1996. He appeared on several of the band’s albums (American Psycho, Famous Monsters, Evil Live II & Cuts From The Crypt) before leaving the group in 2000. Since his departure from the group, he has recorded and toured with many other musicians and also as an acoustic singer / songwriter. In January 2009, he will hit the big screen in the film “Perkins 14.” You can find out more about Mr. Graves’ current projects on his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/gravesmichale or his website: http://www.michalegraves.net

FA: I’m sure you’re tired of Misfits questions, so I only have one: The Misfits were such a visual band with a strong image and you had some awesome videos with them. Why was there never a DVD release from the band?

It’s a very good question that I don’t have the answer to. I don't know what the future will hold for any material like that. I agree completely that the visual aspect of the band is unmistakable and awesome.
I certainly will someday tell my story and experience through a visual medium of my time with band.

FA: George Romero directed the video for “Scream.” You also appeared in his film “Bruiser.” What was it like working with Romero? 

It was very cool to be under the direction of such an icon of his genre. To be able to watch him bring to life a story around a song I wrote in a Winnebago somewhere in the middle of nowhere was very humbling. For Horror movie enthusiasts at least it is completely exhilarating.

FA: What is the story behind your new film “Perkins 14” and how exactly did you get involved 
with the film? 

MG: It came about through a company called Massify. Its an online community of actors, directors, screenwriters etc. that use the sites online tools to participate in and promote in projects that they are a part of. Perkins' came about through a contest in which the community of users voted on story lines until a winner was declared. Another round of competition gave actors the ability to upload audition videos to vie for leading roles. I became involved when Craig Singer who directed the movie called me up and said that the role of “Eric Ross” in this film might suit me well and that he thought I should give auditioning for it a shot. So, I auditioned for the casting directors in London and I got the part.

FA: You’re famous for being the singer of one of the world’s most famous Punk Rock bands. What made you decide to start performing with an acoustic guitar?

MG: I wanted to put together a show that focused on my vocals. I also wanted to give my audience a chance to see and hear my songs in there most primitive, truthful, purest form. There are very, very few artists out there right now that can even come close to what I am doing.

FA: How has the response been from the HorrorPunk community to your mellower projects?

MG: The people who are coming to see me are amazed and love hearing the songs played this way. I get to meet a lot of fans that remember the old days when The Misfits were still actually making music with me at the helm…the songs they know and love are a part of there life….we all came of age with these tunes so when they come and hear them played with all of the life and soul that is on them….it reaches into them and touches them and we all experience a great feeling from it.

FA: Do you have a tour planned for 2009? If so, what’s the lineup of the band you’ll be touring with or is it just by yourself? 

MG: I am working on assembling a band to take out with me in 2009 to play. I will certainly be performing acoustic as well. I also will be singing for Marky Ramone. He and I just recently got together and did a two week European tour playing 30 classic Ramones songs every night. It was a great success and have plans to continue on with a World Tour.

FA: A few years back, you were doing a lot of work to raise awareness of The West Memphis Three (for those not familiar with The West Memphis Three, they were three teens convicted of murder in the mid 1990s despite a lack of pretty much any evidence). What ever happened with that case? Are you still involved with raising awareness for them?

MG: Indeed, every chance I get to play a part in raising awareness and/or funds for the WM3 I do. Best thing to do to find out about whets happening with those guys is to go to wm3.org.

FA: It seems like I read somewhere a few years back that you had joined the marines. Is that true? If so, what’s the story behind that?

MG: Its true, I did…. but it is something that I keep for myself and my family and don’t wish to talk much about it. The sacrifice that our soldiers and Marines make is unimaginable to most people and deserves our deep gratitude. The United States Marine Corps is by far the greatest military institution in the world and those who serve reflect its greatness.

FA: What does the future hold for Michale Graves?

MG: I hope that the future holds more opportunity to become successful. This past year has been like a dream for me. It feels so good to be doing so well. I am working on a play in New York City that is being directed by Thomas Waites and was written by Craig Singer. I plan on acting in another film in 2009. I have plans to record a new solo record next summer as well as all of the touring that is being planned for both Marky Ramones projects and my own. I am constantly writing new songs and composing pieces of music....I am working on 2 books and developing several video projects and have a very busy family life to pay attention to.

FA: Since I run a horror movie review website, I’m obviously a big fan of horror movies. For my final question, I’d like to ask what are some of your favorite Horror movies? 

MG: The Exorcist and Poltergeist are my two favorite scary flicks of all time. I am a big fan of Godzilla as well. I always loved the holidays when I was a kid, especially Thanksgiving because they would always play all of the classic films throughout the day on channel 11 in NY..... King Kong, Godzillas. Mighty Joe Young, Planet Of The Apes, War Of The Worlds. They don't do that anymore...unless you come to my house for the holidays where your sure to be treated to all the classics!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! I wish you the best of luck with your future projects in both film and music!