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The 4th Dimension (2006)

The 4th Dimension


The 4th Dimension may be an low-budget film, but it is a testament to what you can do with a combination of skill, determination, teamwork, vision and time.  Shot mostly in black and white, The 4th dimension looks more like an art film to me than a Sci-Fi film (as it is sometimes billed).  The shot composition is excellent.  Almost every frame could be a photograph in an art exhibit.  The found locations used as sets were amazing.  The musical score was excellent.  Louis Morabito, the lead actor, was perfect and obviously takes his acting very seriously.  Even the story in the film was creative and mysteriously presented in a cool way that unfolds throughout the film.  By the end of the movie, I could really appreciate the concept.  Unfortunately, despite the excellent acting, score, shot composition and story, I didn't enjoy watching the film. 

Looking back on the film after knowing how things turn out, it made the journey worthwhile.  I'm glad I saw it.  In hindsight, the story is really cool and I can think about specific shots that were simply beautiful.  Even while watching it I was able to appreciate it artistically as the film slowly and carefully moved from scene to scene...but I still kept looking at the time and wondering how much longer the movie would last.  Maybe I didn't enjoy because I'm just not an art film kind of guy.  Maybe I couldn't truly appreciate the beauty in the pace of the film.  I could recognize the skill it took to make the movie and how much careful work went into it (something that I don't often see in independent films), but maybe that just wasn't enough to keep an average guy like me interested.  I feel like I should have enjoyed the film because it was very well done, but it just wasn't my kind of movie.

So what kind of movie was it?  It reminded me of movies like Naked Lunch, The Seventh Seal and The Wall (only without the music of Pink Floyd carrying you along).  It was a mystery about a quiet, obsessive compulsive guy who fixes antiques and obsesses over the nature of time.  The movie doesn't have a lot of dialog and there isn't really much in the way of action, but the tension in the film is extremely thick.  If you're looking for an action packed, sci-fi thriller, this isn't what you're looking for.  On the other hand, if you are a fan of art films and can appreciate the slow pace of a dramatic mystery, I would absolutely recommend The 4th Dimension to you.  Check out the website for more info.:


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