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George: A Zombie Intervention (2011)

George: A Zombie Intervention

George: A Zombie

George: A Zombie Intervention is a fun, well made zombie comedy about a group who just want their zombie friend George to get the help he needs so that he can stop eating people.  They decide to stage an intervention that goes wrong...horribly, horribly wrong.  With the help of professional interventionist, Barbara (played by Lynn Lowry), George's best friend Ben (Peter Stickles) gathers George's sister, ex-girlfriend and a couple of other folks to sit down at let George know how they all feel.  Although it initially seems the problem that they face is that George is angry about the intervention and feels betrayed, it soon becomes clear that they face a much more serious problem as the body count starts to rise.  There are many twists and turns throughout the movie which really keeps the viewer interested until the very end.  That, combined with great production and solid acting makes for a very entertaining movie!

Director J.T. Seaton did a great job with this, his first feature-length film.  J.T. co-wrote the screenplay along with Brad Hodson and the two did a great job in creating a script with dry humor that's actually funny.  Although the entire cast did a good job, standout acting from Carlos Larkin (as George) and Peter Stickles (as his best friend, Ben) really help to make the movie great!  Vincent Cusimano and Michelle Tomlinson were great as well.  In addition to the rest of the cast, George: A Zombie Intervention also includes cameos by one of the original scream queens Brinke Stevens, current scream queen Victoria De Mare and Troma's Lloyd Kaufman.

The look of the film is pretty professional for a low budget movie.  The audio is excellent!  Very few movies of this budget have audio that's this good.  The editing was also excellent.  The quality of the final product here is clearly a result of a solid team on every front.  I see so many independent films that deliver in several respects, but fall short in other areas.  George: A Zombie Intervention manages to score high points all around.  If you like dry humor or zombie movies, I would recommend checking out this film!

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Gore-o-meter rating: 4.5 out of 5
(Tons of blood and plenty of gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 1 out of 5 (a few shots of a topless Victoria De Mare!)