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Technicality (2011)



Technicality is the second short film that I've reviewed by Owen Thomas (the first one being The Road).  Much like his previous work, Technicality is very well filmed and is a great example of why I think independent film makers are often better off making short films rather than feature-length films.  Mr. Thomas knew he had a story that could be told quickly, so rather than stretch it out into a boring feature film, he made an excellent short film that keeps the viewer engaged for the duration without constantly looking at the clock to see how much longer they have to watch.  The story is good, but just as importantly, he was able to devote the time necessary to create a professional look and sound.

Good audio levels, good pacing, interesting camera angles and artistic shot composition all combine to allow the viewer to focus on the story rather than forcing the viewer to look past the limitations of a small budget as with so many other films.  The musical score reminded me of and 80s detective movie back with 80s detective movies were trying to remind you of 50s detective movies.  The story is relatively basic, but told subtly so you actually do have to pay attention to what's going on to get it.  Although I thought that the idea for The Road was more clever, Technicality is also a good short film that's very well made with a story different enough to be worth telling.  If Mr. Thomas makes a few more shorts like these, he might find himself in a position to make a feature-length film and have the experience to know how to do it well.  I wish more independent filmmakers would do a few shorts first to understand the basics before they throw themselves into their first (and often last) feature.  Once again, good job Mr. Thomas!

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