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The Artifact (2008)

The Artifact

The Artifact
is a short film by Jam The Wimp Productions about an adventurous hero trying to escape from an evil villain with a mysterious and powerful stone.  Directed by Patrick Wimp and Hamzah Jamjoom, the entire film is basically like the last 12 minutes of an Indiana Jones style adventure movie.  You skip all of the setup and how the hero is able to acquire the stone in the first place and jump right into the end battle between the lone hero and the evil villain with all his goons, which in this case happens to be a group of mercenaries.  It feels almost like if you were to play a video game where the main character faces all of the end bosses one right after another without ascending the different levels of the game. 

The Artifact is filmed pretty well and is overall actually a pretty good short (lasting about 10 minutes), but it seems to have been nothing more than a stepping stone for bigger and better things for everyone involved.  Cast members include Levi Holloway who was also in My Name is Jerry, Ariele Senara, who I believe was previously in The Road, and Tom McElroy from the show Prison Break who had a bit part in The Dark Knight.  Today, it's difficult to find any mention of the film anywhere online beyond its abandoned myspace page despite the fact that it's actually pretty cool.  Even the IMDB pages that I've found for the directors and cast don't include this short in their filmography.  I guess that just goes to show that there's a lot of cool stuff out there and without someone busting their ass promoting their work, it just slips off into obscurity.

Gore-o-meter rating: 0 out of 5 (no gore)

Skin-o-meter: 0 out of 5 (no skin)