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Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls (1995)

From what I've heard people say about Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls, it seems to be a love it or hate it movie for most people.   The people who love it are fans of the hot chick style of horror.   The people who hate it can't get past low budget and bad gore.  Although it's true that the gore is kind of weak, most of the movies at Film Apocalypse fall into the low budget category, so I won't spend much time addressing that point.

I'll start with the positive aspects of the movie: The Babes!  Although I've read in several places that the film stars Lorissa McComas, in reality she makes little more than a cameo.  The real star of the film is Jennifer Huss who plays the innocent girl gone bad.  Huss actually does a great job of acting well above the performances of most actors in the B-Movie genre.  Unfortunately, the most skin we see from her is her back and several scenes of her in a bra.  However, her co-stars show plenty of skin!  Throughout the 90 minutes of Vamps, we see maybe 10 pair of boobs!

The movie is basically about an innocent girl, Heather (played by Jennifer Huss) who decides to make some quick cash stripping, so she answers an ad for employment at the local strip club: Vamps.  The club is run by a vampire and her lesbian vampire friends who like to have sex with and drink the blood of some of the more arrogant customers.  Of course Heather has no idea about this throughout most of the movie.  While her employer and co-workers are draining the customers, Heather is falling in love with an old friend from high school who has since become a celibate priest who happens to love bad horror films.  In the end, the priest realizes the truth about Vamps and runs to save Heather.  Will he be too late?  Does it even matter?

I think the production quality put off a lot of people who were expecting a big budget film based on the cover art.  The packaging really does make the film look like it would be a higher quality than it is, but the story isn't bad, the overall flow of the movie is pretty good and Jennifer Huss really does a great job of acting.  For me the biggest problem with the movie was the gore.  There wasn't much of it and when there was gore, it wasn't very convincing.  I think in the end, only about five people were attacked by the vampires and only one vampire was spiked.  Overall I would say Vamps: Deadly Dreamgirls is worth watching, especially if you like a lot of boobs in your vampire movies.

Gore-o-meter rating: 2 out of 5 (it's not good gore, but at least there is gore)

Skin-o-meter: 4 out of 5 (lots of boobs)