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Slaughter Disc (2005)

Steel Web Studios

Slaughter Disc is the only film I know of that successfully combines the genres of adult film and splatter movie.

This film is the first feature release from Steel Web Studios and what a debut!  According to the DVD sleeve, Slaughter Disc is "a twisted tale of macabre erotica."  I think that's a pretty good description of this film.  The movie is not rated, but it is definitely a DVD for adults only!  A large percentage of screen time is devoted to the lead actress, Andromeda Strange, engaging in a variety of kinky sexual acts.   However, unlike the standard adult films, there is actually a story here and the actors really can act.  If this isn't a new genre, at least it certainly is new to me!  The music and special effects are pretty good for a low budget film, but there are a couple of green screen shots that I could have lived without.  Overall, the production quality isn't bad.

The story is about a guy, Mike, who is so addicted to porn that it affects every aspect of his life.  He stays home watching porn instead of showing up for school tests.  His girlfriend gets so sick of it that she leaves him and after showing up late for work one too many times, he even loses his job.  While browsing around in the local adult video store, he finds a magazine advertising a new kind of extreme in the adult film world.  He asks the guy at the counter about it and is told that he can only get it online.  Apparently, this stuff is so extreme that the store doesn't even carry it.  Mike heads home to place an order and before he knows it, there's a delivery guy at his door with the new DVD.  The DVD itself is like no other.  It is a completely clear disc and at first, Mike thinks he's been ripped off, but he soon finds out there there is more on the disc than he ever bargained for.  

So that's the basic story, but a relatively small percentage of screen time is devoted to footage of Mike and his misadventures.  The majority of the film is devoted to the content on Mike's DVD which can be broken down into three main scenes.  Scene one is a solo scene with Andromeda Strange which concludes with her committing suicide.  Scene two involves the undead Ms. Strange going down on a guy tied to a chair and concludes with his gruesome death.  In the third scene, Andromeda get's it on with a guy tied to a bed and concludes with a gory beheading.  None of the three scenes leave anything to the imagination, so this film is definitely an adults only title.

Apparently, there are plans for another feature film in 2007 and Steel Web Studios already has some short films under their belt.  I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

Gore-o-meter rating: 4.5 out of 5 (There is more focus on skin, but the gore scenes deliver!)

Skin-o-meter: 5 out of 5 (Adult)