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Trite This Way (2006)

Trite This Way

If you are looking for a standard action, drama or horror film, you will not find it in Trite This Way.  If you've ever thought that what the world needs is more introspective art films about middle class white guys who speak like suburban gangsters, then Trite This Way may appeal to you.  However, if you've always dreamed of a feature film length abstract spoken work video, you absolutely must check out Trite This Way.  On one of the film's websites, it is described as being too artsy to be a b-movie, and too fucking ghetto to be an art film.  After watching the film, I agree with that 100%.

This is the story of a guy named Levi who faces the struggles of a young artist recently released from jail.  He feels like his friends don't understand him.  In fact, he's not even sure he wants to associate with them.  He is hurt by a cheating girlfriend and pines for the lost innocence of youth as he deals with the murder of his friend.

Although the overall story of the movie isn't very unique, the presentation is not in any way standard.  While most independent film makers try to polish their work to the point that you don't notice the budget, Trite This Way intentionally makes the viewer constantly aware of the different quality film and video that were used to create mood.   The soundtrack is also a mixed bag of styles and qualities ranging from songs that were better than just about anything I've ever heard in an indi film to noise so abrasive that you can't ignore it.  The dialog was often a jumble of multiple takes of the same line delivered over an over with different rhythms.  Although at times it felt like scenes were added for no reason other than to extend the length of the film, I have to say that the one true consistency in the film was it's lack of consistency.  To add to the randomness of the film, Felissa Rose from the cult classic  Sleepaway Camp is a host / narrator in several scenes.  The DVD also includes quite a few bonus features including several trailers and teasers for other films, a featurette and some music videos.

Gore-o-meter rating: 1 out of 5 (One splattering head stomp)

Skin-o-meter: 1 out of 5 (One random Girl on Girl scene)