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Gone The Way of Flesh (2006)

Gone The
Way Of Flesh

Gone The Way of Flesh offers viewers the ULTIMATE drinking game; every time someone says "The Jason Martinko Review" you do a shot! (This website is in no way responsible for the alcohol poisoning that will surely be the result of this game.)

As a movie, Gone The Way of Flesh couldn't be more low budget, poorly filmed, badly edited or have worse audio - not that the result is all that bad, I mean, you can't fake that kind of incompetence!  However, as a promotional tool for the band The Jason Martinko Review, Gone The Way of Flesh is a totally unique concept!  Before watching the movie, I didn't know anything about The Jason Martinko Review, but five minutes into the movie, I knew that they were at least very good friends with the filmmakers.  Well it turns out that they ARE the filmmakers and the entire project was just a way to promote the band...and probably an excuse to party and  to see some boobs too.

Just from watching the first scene, I came to some conclusions about this movie:  1) The filmmakers didn't know what they were doing.  2) The actors weren't actors, but friends of the filmmakers. 3) The Jason Martinko Review was going to be all over this movie. 4) If this movie is going to work, there better be a LOT of boobs and gore.

Once you've come to these conclusions, your expectations are significantly lowered and you can enjoy the film.  Now if you're really going to enjoy this movie, you MUST be a fan of bad, low budget films.  I mean, you can really only appreciate this Gone The Way of Flesh if you understand that it's basically a couple of guys with no experience in movie making throwing together whatever footage they can come up with and writing a story around it.  The movie was shot using six different quality cameras (you just don't do that).  The audio doesn't match up with the video most of the time.  The locations for the shoots were often terrible.  But when you understand what the movie really is, none of that matters.  You can laugh at it.  In my opinion, there were really only two problems with this movie; First of all, every time a girl gets killed, she's in her bra and panties.  I understand that they took what they could get, but the movie would have been a lot better if the girls had been nude or at least topless.  Second, the footage of The Jason Martinko Review was usually shot in a way that made it look like they were playing someplace that didn't usually bands and there was no crowd.  If the point of the movie is to promote the band, I thought they could have done SOMETHING to make the band look a bit more professional.  Some of the live footage looked like the band was playing at a real venue, so I know that they were able to do it.  Other footage looked like they were playing to two people at the local Bar-B-Q joint.

Before I conclude this rambling review, I want to mention a few of the reasons that this movie is worth watching.  The band performs live at a strip club while topless girls dance around them.  There is a lesbian dildo scene which isn't hardcore, but it's pretty damn close for a movie that isn't porno.  Even though the victims are not nude, random clips of nudity are cut in throughout the movie.  If you like The Misfits, Horror Punk or Rockabilly, The Jason Martinko Review is actually a pretty good band.  It's a fun, at times funny, movie with a lot of bad gore and bad acting, so if you like that kind of thing (which I do) you've got it all right here!  Also, the 45 minute 'making of' interview is a fun bonus.

Gore-o-meter rating: 3 out of 5 (Cheap, fake, gratuitous, splattery gore!)

Skin-o-meter: 3 out of 5 (There's a good bit of skin.  There were lots of opportunities for more)