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Interview with Caroline Pierce                                      November 30, 2007

Steel Web Studios

Caroline Pierce is a model and adult film actress who has appeared in numerous magazines and over 150 adult films. In 2005, she had the lead role in the movie ‘Slaughter Disc’, a groundbreaking project that successfully combined the genres of splatter movie and adult film. She has also appeared recently in several horror film shorts. You can find out more about Caroline’s current projects at myspace.com/misscarolinepierce 

Film Apocalypse recently had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline for the site.  Here's what she had to say:

Film Apocalypse: ‘Slaughter Disc’ really seems to have taken off in the Indi film underground. Has starring in that movie led to other film projects or offers?

Caroline Pierce: It's lead to other indie no-budget film makers to talk to me about projects they are doing or looking to do, but no actual film work has come from it yet.

FA: It really looked like it would have been a fun movie to make. Are there any funny stories that you can tell about the making of ‘Slaughter Disc’?

CP: It was very fun to make! Lots of laughs and hilarity. We were pretty slap happy too, though, it was a full schedule with long days. Off the top of my head I remember that the contact lenses kept creeping people out and catching them off guard. Very affective for comedic pauses in conversation LOL.  And the joys of being covered in that much stage blood... ew. My arms were covered in tiny raspberry marks from un sticking them from themselves, very sexy indeed.

Photo by Paul Grupp

FA: From a viewer’s point of view, you were perfect as Andromeda Strange! Were you having as good of a time playing this character as it seemed?

CP: Thank you for the complement! Oh yes yes yes it was a great time. I told director David Quitmeyer that he wrote the script for me he just didn't know it. I got to fuck 'em and kill 'em, perfect day at work for me! LOL!

FA: Since ‘Slaughter Disc’, you’ve starred in two horror shorts that would not be considered adult movies (‘Mail Order Bride’ and ‘Sustenance’). Do you plan to start pursuing more roles in horror movies?

CP: If there is a legitimate offer yeah, of course. I enjoy it. Pursue though? Probably not, that would indicate my actively knocking on doors and sending out head shots and the like.. If I heard of a project that was interesting then I would, but actually hunt them down I would not.

FA: When you first got into the business, did you start out as a model or as an actress?

CP: Which business? Horror movies? I did horror themed photo shoots long before dong anything on film. Same goes for adult too actually, I was a magazine model before I went into videos.

FA: From what I’ve seen, much of your modeling seems to be in several niche markets. Was that a conscious decision or is that just where the road led you?

CP: It would depend on the market. Fetish and pin-up modeling I adore and try to do as much as I can. The big booty modeling, well, heh-heh, I have the booty so the gigs started to come. The girl next door type shoots are usually more boring than fetish, but this derriere is my marketable feature it would seem.

FA: Do you enjoy either acting or modeling more - or do you enjoy them both the same amount?

CP: Both, though I think it is easier for me to be happy with the results I get from a photo shoot. It would also depend on who I am working for (I use the phrase "it would depend" a lot LOL). They can both be very satisfying, or pathetic and empty depending on who is shooting. I get more frustrated with acting because I feel a lot of times directors settle on a take rather than go for something better.

Photo by Paul Grupp

FA: What is the best thing about being an actress?

CP: Oh, I'd say fulfilling some weird need my irritating artistic temperament has LOL. And playing dress up.

FA: What is the worst thing about being an actress?

CP: That aforementioned artistic temperament that tells me I suck at it. :)

FA: Do you do most of your work near your Las Vegas home or do you find yourself traveling a lot for your jobs?

CP: I very rarely work in Vegas. Most adult shoots are in LA and I go where the work is. 

FA: Do you ever do personal appearances, store appearances or conventions?

CP: I used to do them more often. I was a fixture at the AEE convention and the Erotica LA convention for years but lately I haven't been hired for them. This last year conventions were particularly scarce on my calendar, sad cause for a while there I was doing loads of them!

FA: Do you see yourself as being different in your private life from what people might expect if they only knew you by your public image?

CP: For most folks who are aware of me, my image to them is of me naked and having sex. So yeah, usually I am a much more normal person than what they imagine. Some people see more than that, maybe listen to an interview or whatnot and then see that I really am a normal person lol. I don't have a facade other than layers of makeup and high heels, so the biggest difference is that I am not an actively social person unless it is an appearance.

FA: Are you often recognized when you’re in public?

CP: Never, unless I'm at a convention where you might be expecting to run into me. :) Well, I was recognized once while roaming around at Comic Con (hey buddy you never brought me those goody bags! LOL) and once at Wall-Mart (kinda irritating cause I just wanted to get my groceries).

FA: Outside of modeling and acting, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?

CP: Hmmm, reading, sleeping, eating, cooking, sewing, my cats. Dreaming of traveling more. Collecting aprons, books and anime... and shoes. Playing games, video and otherwise. Other than the aprons, I am pretty generic lol.

FA: Do you have any favorite authors?

CP: Loads! Tom Robbins, Orwell, Tolkien, Raymond E Feist, Clive Barker. All the naughty horror fiction writers like Poppy Z Brite and Anne Rice. Any book that takes place in a world that is a game I play, like Dragonlace or Shadowrun. I like horror and fantasy a lot, but I read all those young adult books too like Potter and Lemony Snicket.

FA: Are you more of a morning person or a night person?

CP: I have always been a night owl, very frustrating as a kid, lemme tell ya!

FA: If you were going to a Halloween party this year, what would your ideal costume be?

CP: LOL, last year was a great costume, I was a drow, or dark elf. This year I am hanging out with the niece and nephew so I really wanted to be the Pokemon character Jesse from Team Rocket LOL. Not sure if I can justify the expense, but that is where I am headed. But my ideal costume???? Woooo, how to choose! Too many, I can't pick. 

FA: If you could go anywhere for a vacation, where would you go?

CP: Good lord, anywhere. ANYWHERE. Probably New Zealand, cause it is so very different than where I'm from and I can watch the water flush in the opposite direction LOL. Oh, and we speak the same language, always a bonus. I was actually aiming for Romania with a friend of mine this year, but then he got all hooked on a girl in England and went there to meet up with her instead LOL. 

FA: What does the future hold for Caroline Pierce?

CP: LOL, well, ideally well paid interesting jobs. LOL. Not really sure at the moment.

FA: Since I run a horror movie review website, I’m obviously a big fan of horror movies. For my final question, I’d like to ask what are some of your favorite Horror movies?

CP: Oh boy oh boy oh boy... Hellraiser probably tops the list, and I adore the Hunger. House of 1000 Corpses is great, Shaun of the Dead is sidesplittingly witty, the classics: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween. Ju-On was great, I like the Asain horror films. There are tons I am sure I am forgetting, but I like all horror. LOL, there was only one I could genuinely not watch because I simply could not care less about it, wow it was that crappy. Thankfully it wasn't one of my own LOL.

FA: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! I wish you the best of luck with your future projects!