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Calabrese: Dayglo Necros (2012)

Calabrese: Dayglo Necros

Dayglo Necros


A few years ago, I was sent a review copy of The Traveling Vampire Show by the band Calabrese.  I tried not to have high expectations, but that was difficult.  I had seen their artwork, heard a couple of their songs and checked out one of their videos.  I knew that an entire album can't always be as awesome as the single.  Still, my expectations were pretty high.  After listening to the entire CD, I was shocked.  The Traveling Vampire Show blew my mind and can't even begin to count the number of times I've listened to it at this point.

This past Sunday at midnight, a copy of the NEW Calabrese CD: Dayglo Necros appeared on my kitchen table.  It was late. I was about to go to bed, so I didn't check it out.  The next morning, the CD was on my dresser next to my car keys.  I knew there was no way this disc could live up to The Traveling Vampire Show, so I thought I'd just check it out later.  When I got to my car, the disc was mysteriously on the seat next to me... along with a note written in blood that read "play me now."  I felt compelled to obey.  I listened.  When the disc was over, I awoke to find myself lying in a cemetery halfway across the country in Valier, Montana - population: 666.

Dayglo Necros has ripped a hole in space and time to shove horror rock to a new dimension of awesomeness!  As soon as the first song (The Dead Don't Rise) started, I knew that the band was back with a vengeance.  These 13 songs of bone-crushing sonic bliss must have been the result of the sale of a soul or three.  The members of Calabrese are clearly alchemists who have delivered more audio gold to us in the form of their new CD.

I have nothing negative to say about Dayglo Necros.  The songs are great.  The performances are great.  The production is great.  The artwork is great.  Although don't have the second sight, In this case I can see the future: I will listing to Dayglo Necros over and over many times. 

Once again, the brothers Calabrese have proven that they truly are the World's Greatest Horror Rock Band!  You must go to the Calabrese website and buy Dayglo Necros right now!  You will not regret it!

-Steve Dale